Publications & Presentations

  • An Itsy-Bitsy Problem: Asymmetric extraction from coordination in Khoehkoegowab

    Presented at ACAL49, MSU Details Handout

  • Default Case in Khoehkoegowab

    Poster presented at ACAL49, MSU Details Poster

  • Indirect interaction of person & number in Ojibwe

    Proceedings of WSCLA21 Details Volume Paper

  • Indirect interaction of person and number

    Presented at GLOW 39, Göttingen. Details Handout

  • Indirect interaction of person & number in Ojibwe

    Presented at WSCLA 21, UQAM. Details Handout

  • Prosody and the disjoint alternation in Tshivenda

    Presented at ACAL 47, UC Berkeley. Details Handout

  • (Re)labeling and constituency paradoxes: Remnant movement in Akan

    Ms., UMass Amherst Details PDF

  • Instrument, cause, & manner: deserialization in Akan

    Presented at ECO-5, Harvard. Details Handout

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Thanks to Chris Collins for inviting me to give a guest lecture in his Khoisan Languages seminar at NYU.

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Thanks to Chris Collins, WooJin Chung, and Haoze Li for inviting me to present at the Syntax Brown Bag! This was my first time presenting any of my Khoekhoe work and I really appreciated the feedback.

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As far as I can tell, there is no readily-available Khoekhoegowab keyboard layout. As such, I decided to roll my own.

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In the fall of 2017 I was hired as an adjunct professor at the University of Albany, where I taught a mixed-medium online / offline version of LING 321: Introduction to Syntax.

In recent semesters at UMass, I’ve taught the following classes:

  • LING 101: People and their language (TA)
  • LING 201: Introduction to Linguistics (Instructor of Record)


  • @lelandpaul
  • me (at) lelandpaul (dot) com
  • N408 Integrative Learning Center, 650 North Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01003