Guest Lecture: NYU Khoisan Languages Seminar

Thanks to Chris Collins for inviting me to give a guest lecture in his Khoisan Languages seminar at NYU.

NYU Syntax Brown Bag

Thanks to Chris Collins, WooJin Chung, and Haoze Li for inviting me to present at the Syntax Brown Bag! This was my first time presenting any of my Khoekhoe work and I really appreciated the feedback.

Khoekhoegowab Keyboard Layout

As far as I can tell, there is no readily-available Khoekhoegowab keyboard layout. As such, I decided to roll my own.


I’m newly arrived in Windhoek, Namibia, where I’ll be spending this summer carrying out my dissertation fieldwork on Khoekhoe.


This last weekend, I accepted an invitation from Professor Hlungwane to go with him to his home town.

Almost Through

I’m back in Thohoyandou, wrapping up my second-to-last week here. Kruger was truly delightful, exactly the rest I needed.

Half-way through

I found a really good minimal pair of sentences today:

Mystery Show

(Before I left for South Africa I wrote up a little thing about Starlee Kine’s Mystery Show podcast, but then I never got around to posting it. Better late than never?)

Thohoyandou, and Tshivenda

I’m now in Thohoyandou, one of the largest towns in the Venda region and the site of the University of Venda, where I’ll be conducting my fieldwork this summer.

Fieldwork in Limpopo

I’m currently in Johannesburg, preparing for a field trip to Thohoyandou, in Limpopo province, to study Tshivenda.