Khoekhoegowab tone sandhi and extended projections


Khoekhoegowab has a tone sandhi process consisting of opaque melodic substitution. In most syntactic contexts, sandhi affects all but the leftmost word in an XP; for example, within DPs only the leftmost word will surface with its citation melody, while all others undergo sandhi. The behavior of verbs is more complex, however. This poster presents the results of a prosodic production experiment which establishes the following generalization: In matrix clauses, Khoekhoegowab verbs undergo sandhi exactly when preceded by tense marking (even at a distance); in embedded clauses, Khoekhoegowab verbs never undergo sandhi.

Poster presented at Intonational Phonology of Typologically Rare or Understudied Languages, satellite workshop to ICPhS 2019

Supplementary Materials

Complete list of experimental items.

Chapter 5 of my dissertation, with more detail on this experiment.

My complete dissertation.